About Us

Carpentry Trunec is a traditional carpentry contractor.

Our offerings range from the renovation to the reconstruction up to the new hand-crafting of wooden buildings and wooden constructions. We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of covered round pens, and we stand by your side from consultation, through planning to installation. The high quality of our work and maximum customer satisfaction are our top priority.

About covered round pens

Covered round pens are equestrian facilities without a central support column, allowing the lunging and training of the horses regardless of the weather. The unique atmosphere also makes them an ideal venue for social events or concerts. The round pen is going to be the new landmark of your ranch and you and your horse will love it.

“For our ranch we were looking quite long and carefully for the right supplier for a covered, wooden round pen for our horses. With the final decision we had great luck - the company "Carpentry Trunec" was able to implement high-quality craftsmanship, and showed at the same time respectable and great interpersonal behavior during the entire cooperation. Ondrej is definitely the right contact and will help you with advice and support regarding any question you might have. I can fully recommend “Carpentry Trunec!”
Anna Folaufova, Nord Ranch Bohatice



Covered round pen without center column
Ideal for lunging and training in all weather conditions
Suitable for music concerts and social events

Technical Information

The building stands on 16 pillars, around the circumference of the construction
Diameter: 18 m, height: 5 m (variable), resulting in a protected area of 340 m²
Wood: Spruce or KVH cross-sections
Canopy: wood, slabs and modified, welded asphalt strip

Possible Extensions

Increased light incidence due special skylights
Side panel to adjust the height so that it suits your needs
Benches attached to the side panel


If you are interested in a round pen or have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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